Unique SDS Guarantees to the Livery and Added benefits

  • All Livery Company clients will benefit from the software already developed with and for the Worshipful Company of Marketors – this includes a comprehensive Search Tool which allows for Browsing and Extraction of any defined data.
  • In addition, whilst any Archive Web Site will be designed to meet each Livery Company’s brand and design rules, the experience gained with working to produce an Archive Website for the Worshipful Company of Marketors will undoubtedly save time and money.
  • SDS Livery has many types of scanning device – designed to enable the capture and conversion of the most complicated and precious data from any paper or paper-like archive, regardless of age, size, condition and binding. No alteration of the original documents will occur and no additional wear and tear will be caused – we are used to handling and scanning the rarest and most priceless documents for many prestigious institutions in the UK and can provide full references.
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[The Haberdashers' and The Saddlers' Companies] - Minute Books

Examples of SDS-delivered Solutions

Court Minutes of the following Livery Companies were collected direct from the Guildhall, Gresham Street (for historical volumes), or from the Livery Companies’ offices for more modern Minutes and Records.

The Worshipful Company of Saddlers have two collections of Minute books dating from 1892 to the current day.

  • Company Minute Books
  • Warden’s Minute Books

Also, some historical volumes

  • Court Minute Book, 1605 to 1665
  • Audit Book, 1555 to 1882

Also, some further precious volumes:

  • Record Book
  • Freedom Roll
  • Ordnances

The Worshipful Company of the Haberdashers have had their minutes digitised to the start of the 20th Century. There is a 6 year phased plan to go all the way back to 1652.

  • Company Minute Books 30,000 Pages (currently)

SDS are experts at handling such bound volumes for scanning, indexing (meta data) and producing the end-product, i.e. the resultant website.

As well as the normal user experience (i.e. no formal log in - straight to the archive), the website developed will also include an admin section (with various defined roles) which will allow online editing and approval-of-editing of such future meta tags such as the individual notes on the contents of the minutes.

Whilst digitising these volumes, SDS will always carry out “non-destructive” scanning to protect the originals. In over 20 years operation SDS has never damaged an original! Even when the pages are very tightly bound, SDS makes every attempt to capture all data, by individual expert inspection.

Multi Page searchable PDF files are created for each Court Minute Book – provided on DVDs. In additional, SDS provides a searchable web-site with the top level of indexing atomised down (e.g. Year, Court, Agenda, free-Body-Text-search).