Questions to the Clerk and Master & Wardens of the Livery Companies of The City of London (and elsewhere)

  • How safe are your unique and valuable “Heritage” documents – Royal Charter(s), original minutes and records, items that cannot be produced again?
  • How protected is your more recent electronic data?
  • How can your Members access your data – with different security levels dependant on the confidentiality of each item?
  • How easy is it for your Clerk to search for answers to obscure questions?
  • Can you guarantee to your successors that you have looked after and protected your Company’s most valuable asset – its knowledge and information?

SDS City of London has provided the Worshipful Company of Marketors with solutions to these questions which we would like to share with you.

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Capture every document and protect that data with different access (security) levels, then turn that data into valuable Information which in turn will provide you with hitherto inaccessible Knowledge

Raw Data (little value or use) Information (genuinely valuable and time & cost saving) Knowledge (to guide decisions and prevent repetitive mistakes)

  • Capture every document – of whatever size or level of fragility – and have it scanned by experts who constantly handle the most precious documents (bound or unbound)
  • Assemble all data – paper, electronic, photographs, whatever – into one “database”
  • Protect that data with different access (security) levels
  • Enable your Clerk to search and research without any waste of time and resource
  • Enable Members to have access to appropriate levels of data at will
  • Encourage research to take place (with the comfort of security level controls)
  • Allow the easy search and amalgamation of data for e.g. Master’s Year Books, reports, minutes and records, etc. Have the output printer-ready if required
  • Hold the data at multiple sites to prevent destruction caused by a major incident
  • Take advantage of many other added-value Solutions from the SDS Systems