Questions to the Clerk and Master & Wardens of the Livery Companies of The City of London (and elsewhere)

  • How safe are your unique and valuable “Heritage” documents – Royal Charter(s), original minutes and records, items that cannot be produced again?
  • How protected is your more recent electronic data?
  • How can your Members access your data – with different security levels dependant on the confidentiality of each item?
  • How easy is it for your Clerk to search for answers to obscure questions?
  • Can you guarantee to your successors that you have looked after and protected your Company’s most valuable asset – its knowledge and information?

SDS City of London has provided the Worshipful Company of Marketors with solutions to these questions which we would like to share with you.

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Question: When do most people take action to secure their data and assets ? Answer: After an incident has occurred rather than before!

Digitising records, especially historical and precious ones not only is the sensible and correct option – it is also a pragmatic one too.

There is a very strong business case for taking action to digitise and secure data, both precious and current working material.

 • How many filing cabinets are taking up acres of precious space across the city of London and beyond ?        Space has a real value – especially in London

• How many hours work are wasted searching for a single document within a file, within a box of records inside a dusty cupboard?      Wasting time is wasting money

• How many files once retrieved are then misplaced – refiled in the adjoining file – never to be seen again?       A value only realised when it is too late.

• How often do you need to have access to data, but are not in the right place or need it immediatley?        Information at your fingertips. Fully indexed, Fully Searchable


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Once digitised, the data is easily secured and backed up. It also becomes fast and simple to search and retrieve information. Not only a huge benefit with current records, but a great assistance to research.

Research information and access to historical records can in some cases provide a lucrative income for the owners of that information, if digitized there is no danger of mishandling, theft, or accidents.

New legislation, the GDPR, will make loss or mishandling of Data a very expensive mistake. Digital Data can be simply and efficiently totally secured in a few keystroke with the correct software.